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Important Reminders
Birthday Format
  • Make sure you are using the correct format.(YYYYMMDD)
  • For example, birthday is August 16, 2001; enter 20010816
Security Questions
  • Answer 5 questions only.
Chrome is Preferred Browser
Log In Issues
  1. Close all open browsers.
  2. Open a new session of Chrome.
  3. Click CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE (shortcut to clear a browser's history/cache).
  4. Close Chrome.
  5. Open a new session of Chrome.
  6. Enter URL: my.ncedcloud.org
  7. Log in.
Finding NC UID - Staff
  • Log in and the Address Information Option > it will be listed as the NC UID#.

Login for Teachers & Staff

NCEdCloud Login for HomeBase Applications 2015-16 School Year

Beginning July 6, 2015, access to Home Base applications will be replaced by a single sign-on process offered through NCEdCloud. Applications affected include:

  • SchoolNet
  • True North Logic (NCEES)
Each staff member must first claim their NCEdCloud account. Instructions for this process are available (PDF - 220k) and include directions for locating your NC UID (required for new login process) and step-by-step instructions for claiming your NCEdCloud account.

If you experience any issues with claiming their NCEdCloud account, be sure you are using your NC UID as your username. If there are still issues, please follow your normal support process for reporting technology related issues to the WCPSS Help Desk.

Login for Students

NCEdCloud Login for Student HomeBase Applications 2015-16 School Year
Beginning on July 6, 2015, students will also use the single sign-on process through NCEdCloud to access Home Base applications.  This includes:
  • PowerSchool  (grades, attendance, etc.)
  • SchoolNet

Secondary students (Grades 6-13) will need to claim their account.  Instructions for this process are available (PDF - 192k).  Students that need assistance should contact their teacher. Secondary students will be able to reset forgotten passwords by clicking “Forgot My Password” on the log in page. Elementary students (Grades K-5) will receive a letter with user name and password printed on the document. 

Teachers are able to reset student passwords back to the default passwords.  Instructions on how to do this can be found by clicking  “What can I do within NCEdCloud as a Teacher?”

Login for Parents to PowerSchool has not changed.


Last Updated: March 15, 2018